Researching & developing the character of God.


Pastor Roy Ice

Pastor Roy Ice

The Bible Lab

God wants you to know Him—not the person you think He is, but His true, beautiful character. Unfortunately, over time we have blemished the character of God by making Him more and more into our own image. Our mission is to research the Bible to find God's authentic character, and to fall in love with Him even more in the process of discovery.

We seek to be an interactive community that uses the most responsible methods of biblical interpretation, taking into account language, syntax, culture and what the whole of Scripture says on a topic. We choose to have fun in the process and benefit from the wealth of study and thoughts of our community.



Wednesday Warmup

Every Wednesday morning Pastor Roy Ice releases an audio podcast called The Bible Lab Wednesday Warmup. These are 5-10 minute messages that pose the major question and topic of our coming study session.


Pilot Video Series