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What We Do

Our hope is to create media that can reach anyone and make their lives better.  So whether that’s broadcasting a church service for someone that’s not able to go to church or creating a compelling feature film our focus is to help people live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives.




We create engaging, relevant, relatable content that aims to move people to a better place.




Re-imagining Media Ministry

While continuing to produce media that nurtures faith, we are carefully crafting original media to inspire faith.


give ‘Just 5’
become a part of the crew


Perhaps you are one of many around the globe that are being blessed by the media ministry of the Loma Linda University Church. The media crew works very hard every week to ensure the worship services continue to impact you in meaningful ways. Playing a part in building up and nurturing the faith of others through worship is very important to the team, but we can do more. There’s a sense that the Media Ministry of the Loma Linda University Church is being called to do more and we’re  inviting you to help.  

There is an urgent need to produce engaging content targeting those that aren’t part of any worship community anywhere. An alarming number of this group are young and are at a place in their lives where they are making key decisions with eternal implications.  Some of these may be your sons, daughters, nieces and nephews or even grandkids.  



How to Give


Won’t you become part of the Crew and join the “Just 5” media ministry campaign?  


We are asking for a percentage of our viewers from here and around the globe to give Just $5 dollars a week, every two weeks or even just once a month.

By supporting this ministry you will not only be ensuring the continued broadcast of worship services but will be helping launch new content that will reconnect with or perhaps inspire faith for the very first time for your neighbor or perhaps family members very dear to you.

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Video Library




What is Roku?

Roku® takes advantage of internet streaming technology to make it easy to watch our weekly services and all the original programming created by the LLUC Media Department.

On this page you will find instructions on how to purchase a Roku®, install it, and begin viewing our original programming.

Watch this video and follow these simple steps with Pastor Dan to add the LLUC Channel to your Roku.


How much does Roku cost and where can I get one?

Roku® players range in price between $30-$100 and are available at several popular retailers including Best Buy and Amazon. Any recent Roku® model will work. There are no additional fees to view Loma Linda University Church programming.**


How Do I Install Roku?

You will need to connect the Roku® to you Internet either wired or wirelessly. Then you will use an HDMI cable to connect your Roku® to one of the inputs on your television.

Visit Roku’s support page for helpful tips and troubleshooting here.


How Do I Watch Loma Linda University Church?

To watch any of the worship services or any of the programs LLUC Media Department streams, you must first download the Loma Linda University Church Channel.** After that, simply click on the Loma Linda University Church Channel to open it.


*While this page highlights the Roku® Streaming Player, Loma Linda University programming is also available on Apple TV and Amazon Fire.

**You will still need to continue to pay your Internet Service Provider for your internet access.

***Roku refers to their various viewing options as Channels. Even though the Loma Linda University Church is called a channel, we focus on providing live streams and video on demand only.