Mainland Greece

Day 1—Friday, September 18

Check in at the Athens domestic terminal for a short flight to Thessalonica. 

The domestic flight from Athens to Thessaloniki IS included.

Upon arrival to Thessalonica we have a panoramic city tour, view the beautiful pier and the famous White Tower, walk around the statue of Alexander the Great, and after getting a nice smell and taste of this fun city, we continue to our deluxe hotel for a time to rest and relax.

Dinner and overnight—Thessalonica—Grand Palace Hotel


Day 2—Saturday, September 19—Thessalonica – Lydia’s Spring – Philippi – Kavala – Thessalonica  

This morning we will enjoy the Sabbath exploring the ancient city of Philippi (Acts 16:12). This city was built by Philip of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great, in 358 BCE. It was here that Paul preached his first sermon in Europe, and here the first believers were baptized.  Our visit will include Lydia’s Spring, the place where Paul led Lydia to Christ. Lydia was the first Christian convert in Europe. 


We will continue to the archaeological excavations of this Roman city during the time of Paul. The excavations include the remains of the Agnation Way, the Roman road that connected Rome with Greece and the Eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. 

The jail where Paul and Silas were imprisoned (Acts 16:11) we will take time at one of our stops, to reflect on how God used them to bring the gospel to Europe. 

Dinner and overnight—Thessalonica—Grand Palace Hotel


Day 3—Sunday, September 20—Thessalonica—Berea—Athens 

Following a Greek style breakfast, we explore the capital city of northern Greece, the ancient city that was home to some of Paul’s most exciting ministry experiences. We will visit the archaeological site of this ancient city and share devotional time reflecting on Acts 17. Then we visit the ancient city of Berea (Acts 17:10). Here Paul found a community of Jewish people, as they listened to Paul, they “examined the Scriptures to see if it was true.” We will be able to stand on the marble synagogue steps where Paul stood and preached. Following lunch on your own in delightful Greek café’s, we will return to Thessalonica airport and board our 50 minutes flight to Athens. Arrive at our five star hotel at the very HEART of the birthplace of Western civilization. Our hotel is perfectly situated at the famous Syntagma square, 30 seconds walking distance from the parliament building and the famous changing of the guards ceremony.   

Dinner and overnight—Athens—NJV Athens Plaza

NJV Plaza Athens is in the center of Athens Syntagma Square



Day 4—Monday, September 21—Athens—Corinth—Bemah—Corinth Canal.

This morning we wake up where some may consider it to be the birthplace of Western civilization. Following another sumptuous breakfast, we will visit the ancient city of Corinth. 


The importance of Corinth during both the Greek and Roman periods has long been known. Archaeological, architectural, epigraphical, and sculptural investigations of the Julian Basilica in Corinth over the past two decades have shown that this basilica played a key role in Roman Corinth and Greece. Within the basilica was housed one of the largest known shrines in the Roman empire to the imperial cult and the likely site of
the imperial court of law for the Roman province of Achaia. Ancient Corinth was a major commercial crossroad in the time of the Apostle PaulPaul spent a year and a half as a missionary in this city (Acts 18:11). As we travel through Ancient Corinth, we will see the very road that Paul walked on almost 2000 years ago when he entered the city. We will also see the Bemah platform where Paul’s case was dismissed by Roman Proconsul Gallio (Acts 18:12). We will make a stop at the archaeological museum to view some of the ancient artifacts from the time of Paul. 


We will continue our journey to see the Corinthian Canal which connects the Aegean and Adriatic Seas. In the 19th century, this canal was dug through the four-mile isthmus where Corinth sits and continues to be used by ships today. 


Returning to Athens, we will have a city tour of the birthplace of Western Civilization, view the house of parliament, the tomb of the unknown soldier, and constitution square (Syntagma Square). We will see some of the city’s famous monuments including Hadrian Arch and the Olympic Stadium home of the original and modern day Olympic games. Our tour will also include Mars Hill (the “Areopagus” of Acts 17:19) where Paul addressed the philosophers of ancient Athens and the Parthenon considered by many as the grandest architectural structure of the ancient world. Our day in ancient Athens will end with a visit to the Agora Plakka.

Dinner and overnight in Athens.

NJV Plaza Athens in the center of Athens Syntagma Square


Day 5—Tuesday, September 22:  End of Tour

Following breakfast, group transfer to Athens airport for flights back to US 


End of services