Jacob: Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief

Sabbaths, September 21 - November 16


Jacob’s name appears repeatedly in the Bible, often in the esteemed trilogy of names: “Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…” His story is integral to the unfolding work of God in salvation history. He was father of the twelve patriarchs. His overall story spans almost half of the book of Genesis. His descendants became a nation called by his new name—Israel. If being remembered and regarded is a marker of success, then Jacob, of all people, was an astonishing success. Except that Jacob was a shyster. But what’s distressing is that as I read the story of Jacob, it seems that the choices he made aren’t all that different from the choices that I, facing the same circumstances, might have made. Which creates true interest in knowing more about Jacob in our series “Jacob: Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar, Man, Thief” from September 21 – November 16.


September 21

Rivals from Birth (And Before!)
9:00 & 11:45am

September 28

The Double Cross
9:00 & 11:45am

October 5

Gateway to Heaven
9:00 & 11:45am

October 12

The Double Crosser Gets Double-Crossed
9:00 & 11:45am

October 19

“When the Lord Saw…”
9:00 & 11:45am

October 26

“No Honor Among Thieves”
9:00 & 11:45am

November 2

In the Painful Grip of God
9:00 & 11:45am

November 9

“Always With Me”
9:00 & 11:45am

November 16

A Truly Rich Man!
9:00 & 11:45am